Why BestMixer.io helps to improve the anonymity of the user?

There is no one who controls the transaction in the cryptocurrency. Thereby, the only moment that makes the anonymity weaker, is the moment when the owner uses the wallet or the exchange. The BestMixer.io mixes the coins, so it is impossible to determine the sender.


Advantages of bitcoin compared to traditional money

  • Anonymity
  • Small commissions
  • Transaction speed

Compared to national currencies, no one follows the cryptocurrency translation. Therefore, no one can apply any sanctions to the sender or receiver. Also, no one can prohibit transactions to a certain person. Thereby, the bitcoin users get the complete freedom of transactions.

Fast transactions with a low commission

Considering that it is possible to transfer relatively large amounts of bitcoins with a small commission, it makes the service very popular. Transaction speed also gives a lot to the popularity of the service. The minimum time to transfer a cryptocurrency from one person to another is a couple of minutes.

There are delays and up to several hours, but if you add transactions to the transaction, transfers will be made quickly. While a bank transfer between different countries can last for several weeks, the cryptocurrency shows perfect results.

The impossibility to spy with the BestMixer.io

It can be regarded as an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the situation. However, in terms of complete anonymity, there is no one who controls the transaction. All the responsibility is on the user, which the majority take as a huge advantage. With the help of the BestMixer.io service, which mixes the coins of many users during the exchange, it becomes impossible to find the connection between the sender and the receiver.